Spaces & Flows: 6th Intl Conf on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies (Oct 2015, Chicago USA)

Dates: 15-16 October 2015
Location: University Center Chicago, Chicago, USA
Deadline for submission of proposals: 16 April 2015 (there will be further rounds)

Theme: Decline Belt Cities and Places: Prospects, Problems, Possibilities

This conference aims to critically engage the contemporary and ongoing spatial, social, ideological, and political transformations in a transnational, global, and neoliberal world. In a process-oriented world of flows and movement, we posit, the global north and global south now simultaneously converge and diverge in a dialectic that shapes and transforms cities, suburbs, and rural areas. This conference addresses the mapping of, the nature of, and the forces that propel these processural changes.

See the website for further details.

Community Now? The Politics of Participatory Design (Feb 2015, Berlin Germany)

Dates: 19-21 February 2015
Location: Jewish Museum Berlin, Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin
Registration deadline: 8 February 2015

The international symposium focuses on emergent issues of urban grassroots movements, especially in relation to current social developments in Germany and Israel. Together with guests and projects from all over we explore how to promote processes of active participation and support a sustainable development of communities, their impact on policy making and on everyday life. The event is the closure of the German-Israeli research project “Communty Now?” between the Berlin University of the Arts and the Bezalel Academy Jerusalem.
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Urban Ecologies 2015 (June 2015, Toronto Canada)

Dates: 17–19 June 2015
Location: OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2015

OCAD University’s Faculty of Design presents the 2015 Urban Ecologies conference, the second international conference that will examine the impact of intersecting themes that are shaping the future of design in our cities.

More than ever before, major urban centres will be at the forefront of transformation and change in order to accelerate a sustainable human presence. The framing of the conference deals with the largest possible context of all debates – the limits of our planetary ecosystem.  It is within this “Big Picture” context that the conference will challenge the current economic, political, and social frameworks that generate our urban infrastructure and built environment.   The goal is to relinquish outdated “Bottom Line” models in favour of new, innovative, and synergistic business structures and designs that achieve prosperity without sacrificing social responsibility or ignoring the health of the planetary ecosystems that ultimately sustain us.  Urban Ecologies 2015 will examine the strategies that will be necessary for our cities to move beyond sustainability to becoming net producers of energy and resources: True Ecologies.
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IDEA Journal 2015: Urban + Interior (March 2015)

Deadline for expressions of interest: 31 March 2015

Academics, research students and practitioners are invited to submit design research papers and critical project works that make a contribution to the discipline of interior design/interior architecture through an engagement with the provocation of URBAN + INTERIOR for the IDEA JOURNAL 2015.

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UrbanIxD Symposium: city | data | future (Sep 2014, Venice Italy)

Dates: 25 September 2014
Location: Venice, Italy
Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2014

Alongside the UrbanIxD exhibition taking place in Venice, the project is presenting a one-day symposium to encourage debate and discussion around the themes of the exhibition, and of the UrbanIxD project itself. This exhibition is a culmination of the work that has been carried out over the two-year duration of the UrbanIxD project, in particular the work of the Summer School held in 2013.

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Siemens Urban Ideas Contest (Aug 2013)

Deadline for submissions: 19 August 2013

With half of humanity living in cities, urban life is becoming more and more challenging: clogged up subways, huge amounts of waste or bad air quality are just a few of the issues city dwellers struggle with. Luckily, exceptional minds around the world are already coming up with inventions that can help us lead a sustainable life in urban jungles. These people have been able to make their ideas come alive in order to improve the quality of life for themselves and the people around them.

Help Siemens find these inventions and create a human story about one of them! As a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, Siemens strives to drive innovations in cities and wants you to participate in their think tank of ideas for sustainable cities. The growth of urban infrastructure is approaching its limits and eventually, the fight against climate change will be decided in cities. Contribute to the conversation about this important topic and share YOUR urban ideas with us in a touching, human story!

More info, rules, etc. available at the website.

The Mediated City (April/October 2014, London/Los Angeles)

Dates: Conference 1: 1-3 April 2014 – Conference 2: October 2014 (detailed to be announced later)
Location: Conference 1: London – Conference 2: Los Angeles
Deadline for submission of abstracts/proposals: 15 September 2013

THE MEDIATED CITY conference offers a platform for multiple and diverse examinations of the city. It aims to bring people together from diverse backgrounds and fragment, multiply and reconfigure our readings of the city; to offer multiple and conflicting discipline perspectives. The intention is to share views of the city as physical entity, online community, film set, photographic backdrop, geographical map, sociological case study, political metaphor, digital or video game etc…. – to examine it as a mediated and shared phenomenon.

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INTERACT 2013 Workshop: Urban Agriculture: A Growing Field of Research (Sep 2013, Cape Town, South Africa)

Date: 3 September 2013
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline for submission: UPDATED 19 May 2013

Growing food presents diverse challenges and opportunities within the urban environment. As cities develop, population density rises, land prices rise, and the opportunity to use land for traditional farming and gardening diminishes. Counter to this trend there are a growing number of both community gardens, city farms, ‘guerilla gardening’, effective use of rooftop gardens, pot plants, windowsill herbs and backyard gardens cropping up in different cities, all with a purpose to produce local food, supplemented in part by food co-op organisations. This workshop brings together practitioners and researchers in the field of urban agriculture and HCI to explore the different forms of growing practice and the sustainable impact of locally grown produce.

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UrbanIxD Summer School on urban interaction design (Aug 2013, Croatia)

Dates: 23 Aug – 1 Sept 2013
Location: Split, Croatia.
Application deadline: Monday 15 April, 2013

The UrbanIxD Summer School will be grounded in the emerging discipline of urban interaction design. The Summer School will address the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments, with a particular emphasis on human activities, experiences and behaviours.

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Cities to be Tamed? Standards and alternatives in the transformation of the urban South (Nov 2012, Milan)

The international conference – CITIES TO BE TAMED? Standards and alternatives in the transformation of the urban South – will be held at  Politecnico di Milano, 15-17 November 2012


Please see the attachment for the complete call for papers, and details of announced speakers.
Deadline for submission of paper proposals is June 15, 2012.

CS2012_CTBT_Call for papers (PDF)

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