VisualCol 2012: Intl Workshop on Visualization and Collaboration (May 2012, Denver)

Dates: 21-25 May 2012
Location: The Westin Westminster Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA
Workshop website:
Submission Deadline: February 05, 2012

This workshop is being run in Cooperation with ACM, IEEE, and IFIP, as part of The 2012 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2012).

This workshop on Visualization and Collaboration – to be held as part of the 2012 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2012) – will focus on visualization and its role in collaboration. The objective is to highlight key issues and solutions for interactive visualization in a collaborative environment. We invite original contributions from researchers and practitioners in academia, government, and industry in this emerging visualization specialty.

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Special Issue of “The Poster:” the visual rhetorics of command and control (Oct 2011)

Deadline for submissions: 14 Oct 2011

This call’s theme:
Visual rhetorics are by definition in the business of persuasion: in both private and public spheres, such rhetorics attempt to change the behaviours of both individuals and groups. From the “Stop” sign at the end of our street, through the visual and verbal warnings on packs of cigarettes, to the recruitment posters of our armed forces, common sense instruction blends into health-expert authority insistence and then into state invitations to die for one’s country. In this first special issue of The Poster, we invite contributions on the many and different ways in which visual rhetoric intends and is used to inform, instruct, persuade and control our lives.
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Diagrams 2012 – The Theory & Application of Diagrams (Jul 2012, Canterbury UK)

Location: University of Kent, UK
Dates: 2-6 Jul 2012
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 Dec 2011

Diagrams is an international interdisciplinary conference series, covering all aspects of research on the theory and application of diagrams. In 2012 will be held at the University of Kent overlooking the history city of Canterbury in the UK.

Diagrams is the only conference series that provides a united forum for all areas that are concerned with the study of diagrams, including architecture, artificial intelligence, cartography, cognitive science, computer science, education, graphic design, history of science, human-computer interaction, linguistics, logic, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and software modelling. The conference attracts a large number of researchers from virtually all these related fields, positioning Diagrams as a major international event in the area.
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Diagramming and Spatial Hypertext Software (DASHS) workshop (Jun 2011, Eindhoven)

Dates: June 6, 2011
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (to precede ACM Hypertext 2011)
Deadline for submission: UPDATED 24 Apr 2011

Are you a visual thinker?

Do you document decisions and organise project information by drawing maps or diagrams on the computer? Are you keen to share this method and learn from others with similar interests? We cordially invite submissions for short talks and demos from researchers, software developers and professionals in industry who have developed concept mapping methods or tools (also mind maps, dialogue maps, spatial hypertext, diagrams, etc…) to augment everyday work.

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Making visible the invisible: Data Visualisation in Art, Design and Science Collaborations (Mar 2011, Huddersfield UK)

A two-day conversational* conference on interdisciplinary collaboration in data visualisation
University of Huddersfield, UK, March 10th-11th 2011
1st Call for Abstracts, 300 word limit, Submission deadline: December 6th 2010

In recent years numerous visualisations involving scientific data and scientific themes have emerged from interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scientists and designers. Works reach across diverse media, ranging from applied screen-based applications to experimental physical installations. While some are intended to inform by making the complex and abstract clear and visual, others focus on the aesthetic quality of the experience. What many of the works have in common is being the outcome of collaboration across disciplines.

This event seeks not only to contribute to the debate around data visualisation but also to a better understanding of what makes interdisciplinary collaborations successful. We wish to provide a platform for open dialogue and discussion across disciplinary cultures and seek a better understanding of the critical requirements for interdisciplinary collaboration. We ask what are the most fruitful conditions for interdisciplinary collaboration? How can trans-disciplinary understanding be best facilitated?

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space RE:solutions – Intervention and Research in Visual Culture (Oct 2010, Vienna)

An International Conference hosted by the Visual Culture Programme, Vienna University of Technology
21-23 October 2010
Submission deadline: 1 August 2010.

Marking ten years of Visual Culture studies at Vienna University of Technology, this conference aims to bring together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners interested in the dynamics between emergent spatial phenomena and new modes of theoretical inquiry.

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Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture (Sep 2010)

Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture aims to explore how the complexities of being in time find visual form. Crucial to this undertaking is accounting for how, from prehistory to the present, cultures around the world conceive of and construct their present and the concept of presentness visually. Through scholarly writings from a number of academic disciplines in the humanities, together with contributions from artists and filmmakers, Contemporaneity maps the diverse ways in which cultures use visual means to record, define, and interrogate their historical context and presence in time.

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