AIS/Design: Storia e Ricerche #7 (Dec 2015)

Theme: Design at work: the history of design between the profession and industry
Editors: Fiorella Bulegato and Dario Scodeller
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 8 June 2015

“AIS/Design. Storia e ricerche” is the peer-reviewed online journal of the Italian Association of Design Historians, dedicated to the advancement of research into every aspect of design history and to the publication of higher scientific research.
Issue number 7, coordinated by Fiorella Bulegato and Dario Scodeller, is dedicated to the work of designers in the many different forms in which it has been expressed and developed since the 1930s, in the fields of product, visual and exhibition design. The intent is to examine, taking a point of view from within the profession, the relationship between design autonomy, and the constraints or opportunities represented by the context of organization, production and distribution – intrinsic to manufacturing companies and institutions – within which the designer must operate.

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Competition: crowdsourcing a better workplace (Dec 19 2010)

Deadline for submissions: 19 December 2010.

Say Thanks, a competition to design a better workplace award using the principles of crowdsourcing, launched today at Each year, millions of workers around the world are given awards in recognition of their good work, from trophies and plaques to wrist watches and lapel pins. Say Thanks wants to break from the norm and let people design the awards they themselves would love to receive.

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