EESD15: 7th Intl Conf on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (Jun 2015, Vancouver Canada)

Dates: 9-12 June 2015
Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 16 September 2014

The 2015 Engineering Education for Sustainable Development conference at the University of British Columbia will explore current and future ways of thinking in this emerging field and celebrate the ground-breaking work accomplished in EESD since 2002. After 6 successful EESD conferences, EESD15 will be the first to be held outside of Europe. EESD15 is the premiere forum for contributing to, and learning about, engineering education for sustainable development.

Please refer to the website for details.

INSIGHT 2015 Design Research Symposium (Jan 2015, Bangalore India)

Dates: 23-24 January 2015
Location: National Institute of Design, R&D Campus, Bangalore, India
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 September 2014

INSIGHT 2015, a Design Research Symposium sets the stage for dialogues, conversations and discourses amongst design academic and professional practitioners and evangelists on the form and space of design research. The symposium will constitute sharing of knowledge and perceptions on design research culture, methodology, framework, practice, collaboration and its dissemination. INSIGHT 2015 calls for Abstracts from Design academic and professional practitioners from Institutions and Industry.

See the website for further details.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (Dec 2014, San Francisco USA)

Dates: 15-18 December 2014
Location: San Francisco, USA
Website: Abstracts submission website
Deadline for submissions on abstracts: 6 August 2014

NOTE: Although targeted primarily at scientists, I am posting this CFP because it relates to policy and organizational design, decision-making, and other areas of interest to designers and design researchers.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is seeking abstracts for three symposia at this year’s American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting from December 15-18 in San Francisco. I hope that you and other members of the UCS Science Network will consider submitting an abstract.

If you are attending or interested in attending AGU this December, please review the sessions below. All abstract submissions are due by August 6.

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Drawing Research Network Postgraduate Event (Oct 2014, Coventry UK)

Date: 23 October 2014
Location: Coventry University, UK
Contact: Deborah Harty
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 August 2014

The Directors of DRN & TRACEY in collaboration with Coventry University are pleased to announce a Drawing Research Network Postgraduate Event. The event will take place at Coventry University on Thursday 23rd October 2014.

The event aims to provide a space for discussion, dissemination and the exchange of knowledge of research methodologies developed by those either undertaking or recently completed PhD research, where drawing forms a part of the practitioner-research. The organisers would like to invite those engaged in drawing research in this context to submit a proposal for a 20 minute presentation that introduces and analyses the key points of their developed methodology.

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PhD By Design (Nov 2014, London UK)

Dates: 6-7 November 2014
Location: Department of Design, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
Deadline for registration: 26 September 2014

The event is an opportunity to present work and discuss the diverse aspects of what it means to do a practice-based PhD in Design.

The aim of this event is to vocalise, discuss and work through many of the topical issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in design. It will enable early career design researchers to explore the many aspects of knowledge production within an academic institution.

The conference especially invites designers undergoing a practice-based PhD, as well as supervisors, MRes students, MPhil students within and outwith design departments.

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Participatory Innovation Conference (May 2015, The Hague)

Dates: 18-20 May 2015
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 20 October 2014

We are proud to announce that the next Participatory Innovation Conference will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands on May 18-20, 2015. Organised jointly by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the University of Southern Denmark, this conference will bring together practitioners, researchers and artists to discuss the future of participatory innovation as a practice and as a research field – across research disciplines and organisational boundaries.

*   Abstract Submission deadline: 20 October 2014
*   Notification of acceptance: 8 December 2014
*   Full paper submission deadline:  9 February 2015
*   Full paper review results: 9 March 2015
*   Print-ready paper submission:  13 April 2015

The conference is also a good chance for PhD-students to try out their research in a friendly, cross-disciplinary setting.
Please check the site:

We hope to see you in The Hague!

Call for Abstracts: Designing Experience Conference (Hong Kong, November 2014)

DE-Banner-Web-3Dates: 27-29 November 2014
Location: Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 17 August 2014.

At the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, we investigate current practice and scholarship in the new field of ‘experience design’. We now wish to expand our explorations by inviting a wider circle of practitioners and scholars to enquire into the ways in which slippery notions of ‘experience’ are shared, commodified, theorized and politicized across the spectrum of contemporary visual arts at an international, interdisciplinary conference to be held in Hong Kong from 27 to 29 November 2014 in association with Hong Kong’s Business of Design Week (BoDW 2014).

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Call for Papers / Designs for the 2014 Fashion And Gender SYMPOSIUM May 1-2, 2015, St. Paul, Minnesota

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.11.19 PM

This symposium is the fourth in a symposium series entitled “Fashion And … ” connecting fashion with other themes of importance in today’s world. Members attending the symposia of Fashion And… examine the interconnections and intersections of fashion in today’s world.

Crane (2000, p. 16) noted that “fashionable clothes are used to make statements about social class and social identity but their principle messages are about the ways in which men women and men perceive their gender roles or are expected to perceive them.” Thus, for our fourth symposium we focus on relationships between fashion and gender.

We are interested in providing opportunities to share research findings, innovative teaching strategies, and designs that explore and investigate issues related to gender  and fashion. As there are many phases to fashion from ideation, design, production, distribution, sale, consumption, and ultimately disposal, there are many instances where gender issues are evident in the formation of fashion. From where designs originate (e.g., who is the designer and who gets credit for the design), to gender roles within production and sales (e.g., who is working on the sales floor or in corporate headquarters at what jobs works in the fashion industry), to gender roles within marketing (e.g., divisions into men’s stores/departments vs women’s stores/departments, objectification of people in fashion advertising ), and gender roles links to consumption (e.g. shopping is women’s work).

“ Not everyone enjoys having to fit into the gender roles society assigns us based on the clothing we wear but it can be surprisingly tricky to find something to fit your body that does not fall into these traditional categories”  Lorraine Smith, 2011

Through a series of scholarly presentations, panel discussions, and design presentations, the symposium participants will explore, define, and document the interconnections between fashion and gender. The symposium has an inclusive definition of the term “fashion”. While fashion is often understood to center on apparel choices, fashion can be recognized as the current style or way of behaving in any field.

Thus, proposals are welcome from divergent fields such as architecture, anthropology, cultural studies, history, interior design, graphic design, psychology, sociology, and women’s studies among others to examine interconnections and intersections between fashion and gender. This symposium provides the opportunity for academics, researchers, graduate, and undergraduate students to exchange research findings, innovative teaching strategies, and creative designs addressing the interrelationships between fashion and gender.


Symposium Participation: You are invited to participate in this symposium by submitting a written abstract detailing research, an abstract of innovative teaching strategy, a design, or a proposal for a panel of speakers addressing some aspect of fashion and gender. The official conference language is English. All accepted abstract submissions will be published in the conference proceedings. Symposium formats include poster sessions, design work, concurrent design/research/teaching presentations [15 - 20 minutes], and panel sessions [60 minutes]. Panel or collaborative presentations are encouraged. Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Historical views on gender in fashion
  • Subcultural style(s) and gender
  • Communicating gender identity
  • Gender, power, and fashion
  • Sexuality and fashion
  • Gender equality and fashion
  • Self-sexualization, fashion, and women
  • Sexualization of childhood
  • Male identity and fashion
  • Contesting gender difference in fashion
  • Bodies, body work, and gender
  • Gender comparisons in apparel consumption
  • Objectification and fashion
  • Body image issues and gender
  • The fashion workplace and gender issues
  • Gender equality within the fashion industry

 Important Dates:

January 9, 2015: All proposed submissions for the symposium (designs, abstracts, panels) due and received. Abstracts are in final form (there will be no opportunity for authors to make changes prior to publication in proceedings so please proof and edit carefully).

February 15, 2015: Notice of acceptance emailed to corresponding author and copyright forms sent to corresponding authors for proceedings. Online registration opens [general $225; students $100; late registration $300]

February 28, 2015: Copyright forms due to

March 20, 2015: Draft of symposium program posted on symposium website (

April 15, 2015: Hotel room reservations due [unreserved rooms released]

April 15, 2015: Online registration closes (early bird rates) May 1-2, 2015: Symposium (on site registration cash or check only)


See the conference website for further information:

DesignEd Asia Conference 2014 Hong Kong

Date: 2-3 December 2014
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Deadline for abstracts submission: 27 July 2014

Call for papers: ACTION! – Doing Design Education

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (member of VTC Group) and Hong Kong Design Centre jointly present the tenth DesignEd Asia Conference. The Conference aims to provide a practical platform for international design educators and professionals to share views, knowledge and experiences on Design Education. It continues to draw hundreds of international design educators, design researchers, practicing designers, design students, and design-related executives.

The DesignEd Asia Conference is a key event under the programme of Business of Design Week (BODW). BODW is an annual flagship event organized by Hong Kong Design Centre since 2002.

This year the theme of the conference is:

ACTION! – Doing Design Education
We must do in order to learn, just as we must learn in order to do.
Designers are doers. Beyond the “skills” and “knowledge” of the respective design disciplines, design education needs to prepare students with the tactical and interpersonal capacity to navigate the world in which they are designing and construct the positive change that they are envisioning. Learning designerly ways of acting in the world involves developing positive habits, honing tacit knowledge and rehearsing ways of conscious action through modes of teaching and learning that transcend traditional “classroom” and “studio” modes of learning.

We are inviting papers exploring different aspects of an action-oriented, experience-oriented, constructivist-grounded view of design education, involving doing the “real thing” in “real time” in the “real world”. In such contexts, knowledge is not seen as being “delivered” by a teacher but is rather constructed by the individual learner and co-constructed by the group of learners. This can imply educators relinquishing a degree control over the structure of the learning process, the environment in which the learning takes place, and the intended “outcomes” of the learning process, in favor of enabling the types of active experiences through which real knowledge emerges. This type of learning can also involve the integration of other people and organizations into the educational process, beyond the binary student-teacher relationship.


Conference on Product Lifetimes And The Environment (PLATE) June 2015, Nottingham (UK)

Dates: 17-19 June 2015
Location: Nottingham UK
Deadline for submissions: 8 September 2014


Call for Papers 

Nottingham Trent University is pleased to be hosting the first international conference to examine Product Lifetimes and the Environment in the context of sustainability. This ground breaking event will include keynote presentations, discussion, debate and workshops, an exhibition and gallery of artefacts, and a gala dinner.

We are delighted to invite you to submit abstracts of around 500 words (2,500 characters including spaces). Please note that the closing date for submission is 8 September 2014 at 12 noon. Exploratory papers and work in progress will also be considered.  Further details of the conference themes and topics, and submission instructions can be found on our website.

We also welcome workshop proposals and posters and artefacts for the exhibition: a call for these will be announced in November 2014. Please feel free to send enquiries or expressions of interest via email in the meantime.

Conference aims

We will be reviewing current research on how and why increased product lifetimes have become an important element in resource efficiency, waste reduction and low carbon strategies for sustainability.

Academic researchers, industry representatives and policy stakeholders will share knowledge and experience on the influence that product longevity has on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Conference themes

PLATE will embrace a multi-disciplinary perspective including design, geography, anthropology, business management, economics, marketing and consumer behaviour, sociology and politics. The conference will explore the following themes, among others:

  • design approaches to product longevity
  • the role of product longevity in resource efficiency and waste reduction
  • strategies for product lifetime optimisation
  • cultural perspectives on the throwaway society
  • business opportunities, economic implications and marketing strategies
  • consumer influences on product lifetimes
  • policies, regulation and legislation.



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