16th Intl PhD Summer School on Engineering Design Research (June/July 2014, Italy/Germany)

Dates: 15-21 June 2014, and 20-26 July 2014
Location: Verres, near Turin, Italy, and Heyda, near Ilmenau, Germany
Website: http://www.ssedr.org
Deadline for application: 31 March 2014

Full details available at http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/fileadmin/media/konstruktionstechnik/Summer_School/SSEDR2014_Invitation_final.pdf.

For impressions of the past summer schools, and details of the 2014 offering, visit the website: http://www.ssedr.org.

IDC 2014 Workshop on Design for Repurposing: Rethinking Children’s Interaction with Tangibles (17 June, Aarhus Denmark)

Dates: 17 June 2014
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Website: http://designforrepurposing.wordpress.com/
Deadline for submissions: March 28, 2014

This full-day workshop will bring together researchers and designers who share an interest in understanding the challenges of how to design for repurposing of interactive tangible objects by children. We invite people who are interested in exploring the field of repurposing by children, or are currently engaged in research related to this topic. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: what is repurposing and how can it be exemplified; how to design interactive tangible objects that can be repurposed and how can children be supported in this; and which application and/or activity areas can be of interest for repurposing.

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All Makers Now? Craft values in 20th century production, conference, Falmouth University, UK.

Dates: 10/11th July, 2014.
Location: Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK.
Website: www.autonomatic.org.uk/allmakersnow/conference.html
Deadline for extended abstracts: 31st March 2014 (1000 words maximum)

Call for Contributions

The digital crafters in the Autonomatic Research Group at Falmouth University invite you to join them in critical debate about a radically transformed vision of 21st century production. In this brave new world of Makerspaces and Fablabs anyone can be a digital craftpreneur, harnessing the power of digital technologies to create, co-create, collaborate, make and sell.

Aimed at makers and researchers of all shapes and codes including hackers, crafters, inventors, designers, economists, curators and critical theorists, this two day conference will explore craft values, traditional making processes and novel forms of engagement, participation and interaction in digital and material cultures.

There are three broad themes we wish to explore:Materiality and Aesthetics, Enhancing the Object and Democratising Technology. More information on these and the conference exhibition and workshop opportunities can be found on the conference website.

We welcome contributions from both within and beyond the field of craft.

For queries, expressions of interest and early bird registration contact the conference team at: info@autonomatic.org.uk


PICA 2014: DESIGN PIONEERS: It’s Your Turn to Lead the Way (May 2014, Edmonton, Canada)

Dates: May 7–10, 2014
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Deadline for Proposals: February 1, 2014
Website: http://www.picaconference.ca/

Design Educators: Lead the Way!
Share your design research, teaching and learning!

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CHI2014 Workshop: Interaction and Architectural Space (April 2014, Toronto Canada)

Dates: 26-27 April 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: http://interactioninspaceworkshop.blogspot.com
Deadline for submissions: 10 January 2014

Our awareness of space and its role in the interaction process is becoming more distinct as we move from the earliest two-dimensional graphical user interface, through to games & virtual reality, and now emerging into mobile computing, urban computing, ambient computing, tangible computing and ubiquitous computing.

This workshop will bring together expertise from architecture and human computer interaction to foreground the role of space in the CHI community. We welcome participants from a range of disciplines including architecture, environmental and human factors psychology, computing, HCI, interaction design, digital arts, geography and cognitive science, as they all contribute to research on Interaction in Architectural Space.  As the workshop intends to bring together a community of researchers and designers who are creating interactive technologies in spatial settings, it invites any high-quality contributions relevant to the workshop topic.

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CHI2014 Workshop: Perspectives on Gender and Product Design: Are We Living in a “Man-Made” World? (April 2014, Toronto Canada)

Dates: 26 April – 1 May 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/technologydesignperspectives/home
Deadline for submissions: 17 January 2014

This one-day workshop will be held as part of the CHI 2014 <http://chi2014.acm.org/> annual ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Science, held in Toronto, Canada  26 April – 1 May.

Interactive technologies have a profound mediating effect on the way we obtain and contribute to knowledge, relate to each other and contribute to society. Often, “gender” is not a factor that is explicitly considered in the design of these technologies. When gender is considered, products are often designed with idealised models of gendered “users”–designed for men, designed for women, designed for boys, designed for girls, or designed for the “average user” who could be male or female. However, the ways in which gender-bias or gender-neutrality are constructed in the design process and the resulting effect on the interactive artifacts that are produced is not well understood. Further, research within the HCI arena has only begun to scratch the surface of how perceived “gender” influences interactive product use by users of any gender.

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Workshop: Participatory Design for Persons Living with Cognitive or Sensory Impairments @ CHI2014

Are you interested in participatory design and do you work with users with impairments? We organize a workshop on participatory design for persons with cognitive or sensory impairments at CHI2014 in Toronto, Canada. This workshop will be held on April 26 or 27.

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CHI 2014 Workshop: Enabling Empathy in Health and Care: Design Methods and Challenges (April 2014, Toronto Canada)

Dates: 26 April – 1 May 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: http://chi2014.acm.org
Deadline for submissions: 17 Jan 2014

This one-day workshop will be held as part of the CHI 2014 annual ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing, held in Toronto, Canada  26 April – 1 May.

The role of empathy has come to prominence in HCI as the community deals with issues in medical, health and emotionally charged contexts. In such settings empathizing with others is crucial in understanding the experience of living with specific conditions or to be sensitive to the emotions of potentially vulnerable participants. HCI also becomes implicated in designing new tools and technologies that support empathic relations. This workshop aims to develop a richer conceptual and practical understanding of empathic engagement and design methods in this context to support and shape an agenda for future research.

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1st Intl Workshop on Schematic Mapping (April 2014, Essex UK)

Dates: 2-3 April 2014
Location: Wivenhoe House Hotel, University of Essex, UK
Website: http://www.schematicmapping.org/
Deadline for submission of position papers: 1 November 2013
Deadline for submission of regular papers, research posters and new map designs: 16 December 2013

Usability of public transport schematics has become of key importance over the last few years. There has been renewed interest in traditional diagrams, alongside new mapping concepts that may better help the traveller to navigate the increasing complexity of public transport networks. This workshop is intended to bring researchers and practitioners together to explore the current state of the art in map design, to integrate future research directions, and to discuss plans for providing the travelling public with improved navigation aids.

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Intl Symp of Design Researchers & Practitioners (Oct 2013, CMU)

Date: 5 October 2013
Location: School of Design, CMU
Website: http://phddesigncrit.info
Deadline for expression of interest: ASAP

On October 5, 2013 an international symposium of design researchers and practitioners will meet in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, to critique the North American Design PhD. The aim of this symposium is to bring together experienced and novice academics and practitioners who are interested in the future of the North American Design PhD and its relevance to the academy, the professions and the community.

Convened by Cameron Tonkinwise and Laurene Vaughan, this symposium will bring together a breadth of expertise to discuss the topic. The methodology for the symposium is critical conversations. To facilitate these conversations a number of things have been done. Ten design researchers have been invited to participate and to provide the basis for the initial conversations. A series of provocations have been put forward by the convenors to facilitate the critique.

Due to the conversational nature of the event, participant numbers will be capped at 30. We are calling for participants in this event, information is available at http://phddesigncrit.info


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