AIS/Design Storia e Ricerche #5 (April 2015)

Contact: and cc:
Deadline for submission of abstracts: UPDATED 10 October 2014

Designers and Writing in the Twentieth Century
edited by Fiorella Bulegato, Maddalena Dalla Mura and Carlo Vinti

AIS/Design. Storia e Ricerche is a peer-reviewed online journal promoted by the Italian Society of Design Historians and dedicated to the advancement of the history and historiography of design.

Issue No. 5, which inaugurates the editorial programme for the years 2015-2016, coordinated by Fiorella Bulegato, Maddalena Dalla Mura and Carlo Vinti, will be dedicated to the relationship between designers and writing and to investigating the impact it has had on the development of the culture of design in the twentieth century.
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AIS/Design Storia e Ricerche #4: Italian Material Design: Learning from History (July 2014)

Deadline for submissions: 7 July 2014

Editors:  G. Bosoni and M. Ferrara

The 4th number of the “Ais/Design. Storia e Ricerche” Journal (expected journal publication November 2014), is proposed as an occasion of confrontation on the theme of the relationship between materials and Italian design. The aim of this call is to collect a series of original contributions with unpublished writings or re-positioning well known stories, that provide documentary evidence of the proposed topic (the particular attention of the Italian Design to materials, technologies and productive processes), with its various stories – product, fashion, interiors, visual, etc. – also focusing on how communication design contributed to build this myth. Even if based on the Italian history, the call also demands a other contributions that could compare foreign episodes and experiences with these Italian realities to better understand the specificities of the Italian case.

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12th Intl Conf on the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (September 2014, Philadelphia USA)

Dates: 18-21 September 2014
Location: Drexel University, Philadelphia USA
Deadline for abstracts & CV: 31 March 2014

Send CV and Abstract, max. 1 page each, to

The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (TM) invites proposals for papers to be presented at the 12th International Conference on the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility, to be held at Drexel University in Philadelphia on 18-21 September, 2014, co-sponsored in association with Drexel’s Centers for Mobilities Research and Policy and Science, Technology and Society, and the Pan-American Mobilities Network.

Papers may address any social, cultural, economic, technological, ecological and political perspectives on the history, present, and future of transport, traffic and mobility. However, preference will be given to our conference theme: Spinoffs of Mobility: Technology, Risk & Innovation. The conference theme addresses intended and unintended positive, negative, surprising and alarming side effects and collateral damages of mobility in relation to the fields of technology, innovation and risk – especially in situations of war, disaster, terrorism and new modes of securitization which unsettle existing law around human rights, civil rights, political rights, and mobility rights.

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9th Conf of the Intl Cmte for Design History and Design Studies (July 2014, Portugal)

Dates: 9-11 July 2014
Location: University of Aveiro, Portugal
Deadline for submissions: 8 January 2014

The University of Aveiro will host the 9th Conference of the ICDHS – International Committee for Design History and Design Studies – under the theme Tradition, Transition, Trajectories: Major or Minor Influences? 9-11 July, 2014. Prior to the conference, on 8 July, two sessions will be organized: a workshop entitled “The European Province” and a roundtable “The European Province, part II: National approaches and wider issues relating to the global provinces”.

Please see the website for further details.

Annual Conf of Assoc. of Art Historians Session: Art and Cybernetics/ Art and Technology (April 2013, Berkshire UK)

Dates: 11-13 April 2013
Location: University of Reading, Berkshire UK
Deadline for proposals: 12 November 2012

The session for the annual conference of the Association of Art Historians (April 11-13, 2013) redresses a lack of attention to cybernetics globally. It invites presenters in the visual arts and from non-art disciplines to reconsider or generate new knowledge about generations and geographies of art and cybernetics and art and technology, including practices that create, distribute, and theorize art forms, concepts, and histories. Papers may explore cybernetic phenomena in artistic environments; examine artistic play on logic and reason; consider how art or non-art agents treat cybernetics as a social and cultural paradigm, or question how cybernetics is presented in historiographies of recent art and what interfaces of cybernetics and art bode for intra- and inter-disciplinary research and practice.

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Balkan Locus-Focus: Long 20th Century Communication Design Histories – 2nd Call & NEW DEADLINE:

This two-day symposium held at Izmir University of Economics, Turkey
(Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Visual Communication Design
Department) in collaboration with Parsons, USA (School of Art and
Design History and Theory), intends to offer first insights on the yet
silent and poorly recorded histories of communication design in the
Balkan peninsula, focusing on the period from the late 19th century to
the present.

This second call is to remind that along with the general SYMPOSIUM
THEMES, our WORKSHOP THEMES have been announced in our web site as follows:

Theme 1: Local Identity, Global Crisis
Moderator: Fedja Vukić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Theme 2: Visuality and Identity
Moderator: Bratislav Pantelic (Sabancı University, Turkey)

Theme 3: Visualizing Histories / Overcoming Boundaries: New Methods in
Design History Research
Moderator: Jilly Traganou, co-moderator (Parsons, USA)

Theme 4: Perceptive Occupation and Control: Designing the Perception
of the Audience
Moderator: Başak Şenova (Turkey)

Please note that our deadlines have also been updated:

EXTENDED DEADLINE for all abstracts: 5 April 2012
New date for Announcement of accepted participants: 25 April 2012

For more information, please visit our web site:

Please contact us on:

BALKAN LOCUS-FOCUS: 1st symposium on Balkan communication design histories | 29-30 June 2012 | Izmir Turkey


29-30 June 2012 | Izmir, Turkey


This call for participation asks for studies of communication design in the broader region of the Balkans/Southeastern Europe.

Consisting of heterogeneous cultural groups and diverse socio-economic structures, the region has had a turbulent history in the last century, marked by violent manifestations of ethnic conflict but also by regimes that fostered political integration. Its multiple design histories sometimes intersected, but often diverged to distinct national trajectories that looked for points of reference beyond the region’s geographical borders.

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CFP: Design/History/Revolution conference

Submission deadline: December 7, 2011

Conference dates: April 27 & 28, 2012

Location: 66 Fifth Avenue, The New School, NYC

Keynote speaker: Barry Bergdoll, The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture & Design, The Museum of Modern Art

Whether by providing agitprop for revolutionary movements, an aesthetics of empire, or a language for numerous avant-gardes, design has changed the world. But how? Why? And under what conditions?  We propose a consideration of design as an historical agent, a contested category, and a mode of historical analysis.

Casting a wide net, we define our terms broadly. We seek 20-minute papers that examine the roles of design in generating, shaping, remembering or challenging moments of social, political, economic, aesthetic, intellectual, technological, religious, and other upheaval. We consider a range of historical periods (ancient, pre-modern, early modern, modern, post- and post-post-modern) and geographical locations (“West,” “East,” “North,” South,” and contact zones between these constructed categories).  We examine not only designed objects (e.g., industrial design, decorative arts, graphic design, fashion) but also spaces (e.g., architecture, interiors, landscapes, urban settings) and systems (e.g., communications, services, governments).  And we welcome a diversity of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches.

This conference brings together scholars from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences with designers, artists, and other creators. We hope not only to present multiple methodological approaches but also to foster conversations across traditional spatial, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries.

We list some possible subject areas below, and encourage you to propose others:

Design and political / cultural / economic revolution….. Design and technological revolution…. Design and the print revolution….Design and government…. Design and social movements…. Design and surveillance…. Design and empire….Design and historicity…. Design and the sacred……Design and the avant-garde…..Design and memory…. Design and philosophy/philosophies of design…. Design and literature / literature of design….Design and the everyday…. Design and consumerism… Design and education….Designed landscapes…. Design and the environment…Design and the city….Design and science … Design and cybernetics ….

Please submit a 250-word abstract (maximum) and 1-page CV to:

Conference co-organized by  The New School’s  Committee on Historical Studies, Global Studies Program, Humanities Department, and School of Art and Design History and Theory.

ICDHS 2012: Design frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies (Sep 2012, São Paulo Brazil)

Dates: 3-6 September 2012
Location: University of São Paulo • Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil
Deadline for proposals: 29 Feb 2012

8th Conference of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies

History marks territories that in some way or another are reflected in design. Since the first ICDHS conference, held in Barcelona in 1999, significant steps were taken to draw attention to the nature of design studies, practice and history in a wider world context. Parallel to that, the configuration of design landscapes has been significantly altered by education, technology and national state policies intended to promote local industries and sites by means of design.

The 8th ICDHS conference, “Design Frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies”, aims to discuss how design history and design studies may push the limits of design knowledge. The frontiers of design may be challenged by the exploration of new territories, by the establishment of new concepts, by the emergence of new technologies, as well as by rediscovering the past and by finding new ways of applying current wisdom.


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J of Interior Design: Special Issue on Interior Design History (Feb 2012)

Deadline for submission: 15 Feb 2012
Full CFP:

In recognition of the importance of continuing contributions to Interior Design’s History as well as IDEC’s (Interior Design Educators Council), the Journal of Interior Design anticipates a special issue to be published in 2013. This issue intends to bring together new and important research on the history of interior design, its practitioners, and development as a profession. JID invites scholarly research papers for consideration in the special issue.

Contributors are asked to submit full papers and abstracts on themes relating to Interior Design’s past. Papers can focus on, but are not limited to, contributions of past and present individuals and firms; significant interiors and furnishings; and various interior design processes such as education, professional development, professional organizations, or preservation. Authors may present empirical research, theory, or issues-oriented papers that advance the body of knowledge in interior design’s history.

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